The pax twisted fate is actually a rare skin that was passed out to attendees of the pax. When the skin code was passed out at any event, it was available at the redeemable code on the coupon. After this event, most of the players are decided to trade as well as sell their codes on the internet with some selling rate up to $450 plus for the skin. The excellent skin features of pax twisted fate are including a fate in black materials along with a light blue trim, which is going all around the edges such as on his hate. This cape also has a specialized pax 09 logo on it. The color of this skin is really famous with the players, which has built it one of the most wanted, after the skins in a game. Another great skin feature is including no new particles or animations that are consistent with other skins of pax themed.


Information about pax twisted fate

Generally, the twisted fate always shares the pax theme with Sivir and jax that has also been the gifts for any other pax events in the earlier years. But today, this pax twisted fate is no longer available, when the skin codes are disabling in previous year. Also, it can no longer be redeemed. As well as, there is no other indication for the skin would be getting back to the store. Particularly, it was built for the pax attendees as like any other pax skins. However, one of the best ways to obtain this skin is simply purchasing an account with already redeemed. When you are searching for the pax twisted fat skin to buy, you can make sure to verify the store for the accounts with it properly enabled. Thus, now you can easily buy a wide array of rare skins available in the lol skin shop.